One Curve At A Time is a community group of concerned citizens that is dedicated to building awareness about, and making changes to, dangerous roads and curves. With a growing number of volunteers, we focus on:
  • educating the public about critical road problems
  • working with local law enforcement to enhance accountability for safe driving
  • advocating for engineering and other solutions to address problem areas along roadways and curves
We will start by honoring those who have gone before us (Kaela Marie Archambault, Karen Turnbo, and others). They have inspired us to begin at FF/Tall Oaks in Northwest Jefferson County, Missouri.

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Hwy FF Update

The East-West Gateway Council's Board of Directors approved the FY 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) at its September 26, 2012 meeting.  With that final approval, it means that we can expect to see Hwy FF road improvements beginning in September 2013!

All told, the TIP includes projects in four St. Louis area counties, the City of St. Louis, and three Illinois counties.  It contains 749 projects totaling $2.11 billion in federal, state, local, and private funding.  Projects that focus on improving operations and/or safety in the region account for 10.4% of the total program ($219 million).

Of the $62.3 million programmed in the TIP for Jefferson County from all sources, the TIP allocates $1.37 million dollars for shoulders, curve improvements, and roadway resurfacing over the 4.55 miles of Hwy FF between Hwy 109 and Hwy. F.  According to the funding allocation plan, the road improvements are scheduled to begin in the fall of 2013 and be complete by the end of the 2014 construction season.

The Missouri Department of Transportation annually develops a five-year program that is submitted to the East-West Gateway Council for inclusion in the regional Transportation Improvement Program.  Of the 164 projects submitted by MoDOT and approved for FY 2013-2016, a total of 53 focus on safety and operational concerns.  In identifying potential projects for funding, the TIP proposal notes that the population in Jefferson County has increased 20,634 or 10.4% from 2000-2010, thereby increasing the likelihood of increased traffic, including in the northwest corridor where Hwy FF is located.  The Highway FF project is listed as a "preservation" project, or a road slated for road resurfacing improvements, but it also includes shoulders that could enhance the overall safety of the highway corridor.

The Council also noted among its principle guidelines that funded projects "must have a reasonable, demonstrated degree of political and community support". There is no doubt that the widespread and growing community awareness of the hazards of Hwy FF, its tight curves, and lack of shoulders contributed to the Council's approval of Hwy FF funding.

One Curve At A Time's continued goal is to advocate for safer roads through road improvements and safety awareness.  While MoDOT and the East-West Gateway Council now confirm that Hwy FF is hazardous in terms of curves, steep embankments and no shoulders, the road improvements scheduled will not be fully effective until we can educate drivers to slow down all along this corridor.  Shoulders will help local law enforcement both monitor and pull over speeding and unsafe drivers.  We need to continue to spread the word that ALL drivers should follow the speed limits and drive safely.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been on this journey to improve Hwy FF.  We honor the memory of those of who have died.  We celebrate the growing community support.  And we continue to work to save lives, one curve at a time.

We'll continue to check in with MoDOT officials and update you on progress in the coming months.