Kaela's Curve

OneCurveAtaTime.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building awareness about, and making changes to, dangerous roads and curves that keep killing loved ones. With a growing number of volunteers, we focus on educating the public about critical road problems, working with local law enforcement to enhance accountability for safe driving, and advocating for engineering and other solutions so that problem areas along roadways and curves are addressed.


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OneCurveAtATime is a community group of concerned citizens that has come together to insist on proactively changing and/or straightening the dangerous curves on Hwy FF/F in Northwest Jefferson County, Missouri. We are committed to...

  • improving the engineering of these hazardous highways

  • supporting law enforcement of these hazardous highways

  • building awareness of these hazardous highways

We will start by honoring those who have gone before us (Kaela Marie Archambault, Karen Turnbo, and others). They have inspired us to begin at FF/Tall Oaks in Northwest Jefferson County, Missouri.

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Our History

OneCurveAtATime.org is a grassroots effort founded by the family of Kaela Maria Archambault. Kaela was 21 years old when she died in a traffic accident along Hwy FF in northwest Jefferson County, Missouri on Nov. 18, 2010. After her death, the Missouri Department of Transportation noted that crash rates along Hwy FF, which has multiple curves and no shoulders, were double the state average for similar types of roads in Missouri.

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After more accidents and another death occurred along the same four-mile stretch of highway in less than a year, community efforts rallied around the need for road improvements. On October 13, 2011, more than 50 people met along Highway FF with law enforcement, city, county, and transportation officials to push for positive change. The result has been the formation of One Curve At A Time. This volunteer effort parallels the Missouri Department of Transportation´┐Żs three-pronged approach to enhancing education, enforcement and engineering. Toward that end, One Curve At A Time promotes:

  • heightened awareness of hazardous roads

  • increased enforcement of speed limits and traffic safety recommendations

  • and re-engineering of identified hazardous curves

In November 2011, less than 30 days after One Curve At A Time was organized, the Missouri Department of Transportation completed a road friction evaluation along Hwy FF between Hwy. 109 and F. The Department also reviewed crash data along the same four-mile stretch of road and found that the bulk of accidents occurred along FF/Tall Oaks.  As a result of a growing community awareness of the road hazards, the Missouri Department of Transportation began identifying steps to reduce the number of accidents at that specific curve.

As One Curve At A Time tackles the road hazards in its region it will continue to honor the memory of those who died by advocating for positive changes. We pledge to push for education, enforcement and engineering until all the hazardous curves and roadways are safer.

Making A Difference